Design Domain (Part 2)

Deliverables This brief is an opportunity to explore new methods and media. A wide range of responses to the brief are anticipated. These could be in the form of photographs, drawings, paintings, prints, models/maquettes, text, film and digital, sound-works, etc. Digital processes should be a key component in the production of the artefact – however the final outcome... Continue Reading →


Design Domain

 Sunday 29th October 2017 Design Domain Symposium These are the events I've signed up for tomorrow. Time Slot 1: Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives: Tabloid Fury ACTION / GFT 1 / 11:15 am - 12:00 pm / Darren Cullen is a British/Irish satirical artist, illustrator and writer. After initially pursuing a career in advertising, Darren left... Continue Reading →

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