Random Inspiration

I thought I’d create this blog post because I come across a lot of random inspiration and I wanted to keep it all in one place for documentation purposes. The idea is to state the time, date, inspiration and source so that I have a record of it and can maybe use it as inspiration for future projects.

3:47am | Tuesday 8th May 2018

Sketching for UX Designers

Sketching is great because:

  • This technique takes into account how our visual perception works
  • Then we look at images, we understand them much faster than we read words
  • It can reveal things we might have not seen before, connections we have not noticed
  • It enables a mutual understanding
  • It supports the fail fast approach
  • It is a quick and cheap way to generate many ideas

Facebook, 2018, Sketching for UX Designers [Online] Available at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sketchingforux/

2:27pm \ Wednesday 16th May 2018

Stitching Morse Code

This is quite random and I came across it whilst on the weird side of YouTube. During World War II Major Alexis Casdagli was held as a prisoner by the Germans in 1941. He passed the time in his prisoner camp by sewing/stitching and created many intricate designs that impressed the Nazi’s and so they would hang them in their offices at the prison. As you can see in the borders of the pieces, they contained secret messages that were written in morse code that read “God save the king” and “F*** Hitler” which, if decoded at the time, would have had Casdagli killed. They weren’t decoded until four years later after the war ended and they now appear in museums in London.

I really like the deceit that the artwork demonstrates. There were controversial messages that were hidden by ‘beautiful’ artwork and so they went unnoticed by most. So, in a weird way, it’s as if the Nazi’s who hung up the artwork were unknowingly agreeing with the messages.

YouTube, 2017, Top 10 Secret Messages Sent By Hostages [Online] Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoJ1uLhctRY

1:06am | Friday 18th May 2018


I came across a video shared by GSA’s Sustainability group and it shows people coming across a hopscotch that’s drawn onto the pavement in a busy street and how they interact with it.

I really liked the idea of this because it’s a simple idea and so many people knew what it was and how to interact with it. It didn’t require the users to detour from their path or take any time out of their day so there wasn’t a reason not to. It allowed them to have fun and open up a little on their commute to the shops/work etc. It’s captioned “Don’t ever stop playing” which I think is nice because it suggests that the users, who were primarily adults, were interacting with what would have been labelled as a child’s game yet they were evidently having fun. I thought it was interesting that people had a go in their own way (whether they used two feet or not with the double squares) as this reflected how they would have done it in their own childhood. It’s such a short interaction (unless they decide to have multiple attempts like that one person) yet I imagine it will have made an impact on their day.

4:42pm | Saturday 2nd June 2018



11:06pm | Saturday 4th August 2018

Electrifying Classic Cars

2:08am | Saturday 20th October 2018

Microsoft AI Drives Innovation

AI empowers us to change the world. Innovation doesn’t see the possibility of tomorrow, it creates tomorrow.

The Yield

How do we feed the world without wrecking the planet? The Yield uses Microsoft AI to help farmers create localized predictions, so they know exactly when to plant, when to water, and when to harvest to create more food and less waste.


Historical sites are disappearing every day. The team at Iconem uses Microsoft AI to help preserve ancient architectural sites for future generations.


20:25 | Saturday 20th October 2018

University of Glasgow mental health services in crisis

Al Thomas analyses the current state of the University’s mental health services and how issues with funding and the capacity of those needing help are leaving many people in need on a long, unbearable waiting list.


4:35pm | Monday 22nd October 2018

Should Zoo’s Be Banned?


6:00pm | Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Facebook 3D Posts

How Big Brands are Using Facebook 3D Posts

The world’s most widely-used social network brings AR and VR together with this new feature. Audiences can interact with and explore visual details of 3D images, objects, and videos directly in their News Feeds.

How does it work? Both brands and Facebook users can drag and drop 3D objects and images into their News Feeds by uploading an industry standard glTF 2.0 image (sometimes called the “the JPEG of 3D”) from a 3D camera or a 3D app used by developers.

Hootsuite, 27th August 2018, How Big Brands are Using Facebook 3D Posts [Online] Available at: https://blog.hootsuite.com/facebook-3d-posts/?fbclid=IwAR0qDicvfPrnFlShfMEBUQ1H2E87Zs3egtC7jI2gLTtk54SShVg3WBF_x3s

10:50pm | Wednesday 7th November 2018

Aortic Dissections in the Elderly

I’m not sure what to do with this information but I wanted to document it somewhere:

An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc. Object name is 13TT1.jpg

It’s very random but I was researching on aortic dissections and came across this table. It’s discussing the situations in which either to operate or not operate on patients depending on certain factors and I was quite baffled by the entry ‘Jehovah’s Witness’. I asked my flat mate what it could have meant and I ended up googling Jehovah’s Witness’ on surgery. I found out that they in fact don’t receive blood transfusions and so that is why their mortality rate is halved. This intrigued me as it shows some devotion to their religion.

PHYSICIANS face a growing challenge that is a major health issue. There are over half a million Jehovah’s Witnesses in the United States who do not accept blood transfusions.

Members of this faith have deep religious convictions against accepting homologous or autologous whole blood, packed RBCs [red blood cells], WBCs [white blood cells], or platelets.

NCBI, 2012, Aortic Dissections in the Elderly [Online] Available at: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3528246/

Jehovah’s Witness, 1981,  JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES THE SURGICAL/ETHICAL CHALLENGE [Online] Available at: https://www.jw.org/en/publications/books/blood/jehovahs-witnesses-the-surgical-ethical-challenge/

11:52pm | Sunday 11th November 2018

Digital Tools of Domestic Abuse

SAN FRANCISCO — The people who called into the help hotlines and domestic violence shelters said they felt as if they were going crazy.

Their stories are part of a new pattern of behavior in domestic abuse cases tied to the rise of smart home technology. Internet-connected locks, speakers, thermostats, lights and cameras that have been marketed as the newest conveniences are now also being used as a means for harassment, monitoring, revenge and control.

At the cinema, feeling out of control is a thrill, but in real life, in our own homes, it is terrifying how easily we might convince ourselves that we are in the wrong, that we are imagining things, when really, someone has simply said, “Alexa, please gaslight my girlfriend.”

Sigee, R. (2018). “Alexa, please gaslight my girlfriend” [Online] the-pool.com Available at: https://www.the-pool.com/news-views/opinion/2018/44/Rachael-Sigee-smart-tech-control-abusive-relationships?fbclid=IwAR3C_lWmkVLY0uMa76JPoMqpVPOWIMzQ_RNXGQRydf9JLVEaB5RVPqhF1Hc [Accessed 11 Nov. 2018].

Bowles, N. (2018). Thermostats, Locks and Lights: Digital Tools of Domestic Abuse. [Online] Nytimes.com. Available at: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/23/technology/smart-home-devices-domestic-abuse.html [Accessed 11 Nov. 2018].


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