Control – Week 4

 Monday 16th October 2017

Day 1:

This week is mainly the process of the fabrication of the box and hardware.

Today we laser cut our designs. My booking was first at 2pm and the majority of the class appeared to be laser cutting boxes. Cost me £5 for the bit of Plywood.


Tuesday 17th October 2017

Day 2:

I’d originally decided to use male-to-female wires that would connect my potentiometers to my Arduinio board but the female end kept coming off the potentiometers inside the box. This made me decide to solder the wires to copper-board so that it wasn’t so fragile and gave it some structure.

The soldering process:


Unfortunately as I was soldering the wires kept snapping. It was then that I was taught how to ‘tin’ the end of my wires for reinforcement. By this point it was too late and I didn’t have enough time to complete the soldering process of my project.

I was also gluing my box together so it could dry as I was soldering:



Today was a TOTAL rush as I had to try and complete most of my project today as I knew I wasn’t going to have any time the next two days to work. I missed Wednesday and Thursday as I was in Manchester so I was unable to take my project with me!

Thursday 19th October 2017

Day 3:

I arrived back really late Thursday night so I sanded my half-box and varnished it. Never varnished in my life so I had to Google it. I was sleep deprived whilst doing so but for a first time I believe that it came out quite nice.

My sanded box:


Top tip! : Use olive oil to get varnish off your skin.

My setup:


My final result that I will be presenting tomorrow:


Everyone is presenting to the class tomorrow. Major deadline extended to next Friday.

Friday 20th October 2017


For the presentation the whole class got together in the studio and we all individually spoke about our box.

Honestly, I don’ think that my presentation went well. I believe that the main reason for this was my lack of time. After laser-cutting on Monday, I only had Tuesday to glue my box together and solder all of my wiring together, which unfortunately didn’t go to plan. Whilst the first few people in the class were presenting I was soldering by myself in an attempt to get my project finished, but unfortunately I didn’t. All I had to show was the shell of my half-box. I’d also last-minute lost my potentiometers so I didn’t even have them to show how my project was controlled. All this made it difficult to describe what my project was about and so I don’t think that people got a very good grasp of my idea.


The week after the presentation I attempted to completely re-solder my box. I tinned every wire and so this reinforced them and meant that they didn’t snap off once I’d soldered them. I also sanded my box and varnished it another two times to try and give it a more finished feel. I found my potentiometers and so I was able to use them with my box.


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