Control – Week 2

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Day 1:

Today was the day of our soldering induction. Jen got out some soldering irons and provided some tips on how to solder our wires if we felt we wanted to.


Wednesday 4th October 2017

Day 2:


Being in the second week now I thought I’d expand on my original idea of ‘music’. I like to start the majority of my projects by looking at the definition of the word my project is based around, in this case ‘control‘:


From this a few things caught my eye. The synonym at 1. ‘conduct’ which, although ties in nicely with my theme of music, also has many other connotations:

  • Orchestral conductor
  • Train conductor
  • Electrical conductor
  • Bus conductor

… all suggesting that this ‘conductor’ is an item of power that is in charge of other items. I also noticed that 3.a and 3.b also linked with my original theme of music.

I then went on to explore some other ideas that came to mind when I thought of the word ‘control’.



Although these ideas were interesting I was more drawn to the idea of control in music. I’ve studied music to Advanced Higher at high school and so this is a reoccurring theme throughout my projects because I find it so interesting. I’m interested it it’s structure, instruments, harmonics, dynamics etc. and so I thought I could implement this within my project.

Thursday 5th October 2017

Day 3:


I watched a lot of videos online to see how people got their Arduino data into Processing. I have previously tried this before in another project but the way I was taught for this project was different and so I wanted to see which method would be more practical for my idea.



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