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Tuesday 19th September 2017

Day 1:

After DH&T I came into the studio and met my new group that I’d be working with for the remainder of the week – group 2! That’s how I met Marta and Debbie in first year, Callum and Shubin in second year and Louise in third year. I’m missed some tasks that the other’s had completed that were challenging our perception on what observation is and to test how observant we are. I did a test where I viewed a display of 20 items for 10 seconds and then had to try and write down as many as I could remember in the space of one minute and only managed to get 8/20 which would suggest that my observation skills aren’t top notch haha.

We were then given an envelope of what our challenge would entail. It stated that as a group we were to select a location based off our given theme:


and to simply go and observe. We were given 12 sheets that contained provocations of which we were to choose one each to focus on when we went observing at our chosen location.


I first read through all the provocations and made some thoughts of the provocations I found interesting.


We first decided on a location as this would make it easier to select a provocation.


After thinking as a group we decided upon the location:


I chose the provocation ‘Interaction‘ as I am interested this area (should hope so being on this course) and I thought it would be an interesting provocation to explore at the Necropolis.


Scan_20180116 (2)

Wednesday 20th September 2017

Day 2:

Observing at the Necropolis.

I’m quite detached with the concept of death as I’ve never experienced any grievance.

Nature VS Man

I was interested in vines wrapping themselves around the gravestones.

Scan_20180116 (3)

Thursday 21st September 2017

Day 3:

Creating the presentation.

We decided to make a PowerPoint in Google Slides because this meant that the whole group could work on the presentation at the same time at different locations.

Scan_20180116 (5)

We all had a chat with Inga about our observations and she said that I went into the Necropolis with preconceived ideas about what I wanted to observe.

Scan_20180116 (4)

I thought that this was an interesting point and so I chose another provocation ‘Type‘ as it spoke about two types of observations. I thought this was an interesting provocation to select as I had previously gone into the necropolis observing with type a and so I wanted to explore the other one.


Scan_20180116 (6)

I felt that during my visit to the necropolis the first time I went in with preconceived ideas so I decided to go back a second time and attempt to observe using type b.

Scan_20180116 (7)

Scan_20180116 (8)

These are some of the things that I observed. I noticed that by going into the necropolis without preconceived ideas I was able to take in much more of my surroundings and observe more.

Friday 22nd September 2017

Day 4: 

The day of the presentation!

I’d created a small montage of clips that I took whilst at the Necropolis to show with our presentation:


This is the PDF of the PowerPoint that we presented and submitted:

Group 2 Presentation


Next: Control – Week 1


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