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I thought I’d create this blog post because I come across a lot of random inspiration and I wanted a place to keep it all in one place for documentation purposes. The idea is to state the time, data, inspiration and source so that I have a record for it and can maybe use it […]

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Rich Sensors

Rich Sensors Overview This project aims to open minds to the notion of using external complex devices as conduits for complex input. Mobile phones, tablets, game controllers (WiiMotes, Playstation controllers, Xbox controllers, Wii Balance Board) – how do we leverage these devices and what creative opportunities are presented in using them as input to drive... Continue Reading →

Audio Visual

Audio Visual Overview What does sound look like? This brief project is an exploration of the visualisation of sound – using sound as data. Whichever sound is used as a basis, the key idea to consider is how sound is represented graphically, over time, and generate a considered creative response. Responses can range from static graphical output (screen... Continue Reading →

Open Project

Open Project Overview The role of this project is to provide you with a period of reflection and development for your studio practice. You will be given the opportunity to take part in practical workshops provided by various staff over the course of the 2-week project period. Workshops will be divided into two strands; Seminar and Workshop. You are... Continue Reading →

Design Domain (Part 1)

Design Domain Part 1 Overview Design Domain is a School of Design in-studio 20-credit course that takes place over two blocks in Semester 1 and Semester 2, thus fostering a depth and intensity of experience. The Design Domain course should be seen as separate to Studio, and it summatively assessed at the end of part 2. The Design Domain remit is... Continue Reading →

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality Overview During this project, we will be formally exploring the concept of mixed reality. Using Paul Milgram’s theory of the Reality-Virtuality continuum we will consider how certain works of art and design fit within the spectrum of mixed reality. After becoming familiar with the concept, you will be asked to design an augmented reality (AR) experience... Continue Reading →


Typographic Overview This project aims to explore text in many forms: graphic and pictorial, structural, and interpretative. Students are encouraged to not only consider text graphically and pictorially, but also engage with the manipulation of the structure and meaning of text. We will look at text as a malleable encoded form, demonstrate how to assemble... Continue Reading →

Design Domain (Part 2)

Deliverables This brief is an opportunity to explore new methods and media. A wide range of responses to the brief are anticipated. These could be in the form of photographs, drawings, paintings, prints, models/maquettes, text, film and digital, sound-works, etc. Digital processes should be a key component in the production of the artefact – however the final outcome... Continue Reading →

Getting into Unity

Getting into Unity Overview Unity, originally launched in 2005 as a game engine for creating interactive media, typically video games. Recently however, designers and artists are beginning to realize that game engines can be successfully used for non-game applications; architects can easily prototype ideas, artists can create interactive art installations, or researchers can use them... Continue Reading →

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