Random Inspiration

I thought I’d create this blog post because I come across a lot of random inspiration and I wanted a place to keep it all in one place for documentation purposes. The idea is to state the time, data, inspiration and source so that I have a record for it and can maybe use it […]

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Open Share

Monday 15th April 2019 Open Share Launch For this project we are required to select three projects from this year that we'd like to compile into a three minute show-reel, and out of those three projects we should choose one to exhibit for the proposed course exhibition (not stated that it should be one from... Continue Reading →

Sense and Sensibility

Brief Overview This project explores the realm of computer consciousness, including exploring computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML); their associated toolsets, philosophical and ethical considerations. Software I'll need to make sure I have these for tutorials to come: Processing - http://processing.org openCV for Processing: https://github.com/atduskgreg/opencv-processing FaceOSC - https://github.com/kylemcdonald/ofxFaceTracker/releases Eliza for Processing: https://codeanticode.wordpress.com/2007/11/12/eliza-library-for-processing/ RiTa for Processing: http://rednoise.org/rita/ Speech for processing: http://ability.nyu.edu/p5.js-speech/ Wekinator - http://www.wekinator.org/ Runway – http://runwayapp.ai... Continue Reading →

Design Domain (Part 2)

Part 1: Design Domain (Part 1) Proposal: DesignDomainPart1_ElliotShaw Friday 15th February 2019 Design Domain Symposium Some notes that I took for inspiration and reflection. Talk 1: Donna From communication design Selfies 'Queen of social media' played the role of a Queen on tv Mental health Talk 2: Henry Coomes Film: Lad and the Lady (?)... Continue Reading →

Data Visualisation

Monday 21st January 2019 I unfortunately missed the project briefing but here are some notes that I caught up on: The Briefing Decode and re-encode data. Data Sources: UK Government Open Data - https://data.gov.uk/ Glasgow Council Open Data - https://data.glasgow.gov.uk/ US Government Open Data - https://www.data.gov/ NASA Open Data - https://open.nasa.gov/open-data/ OpenWeatherMap - https://openweathermap.org/ Mockaroo - https://www.mockaroo.com/ Tuesday 22nd January... Continue Reading →

Rich Sensors

Rich Sensors Overview This project aims to open minds to the notion of using external complex devices as conduits for complex input. Mobile phones, tablets, game controllers (WiiMotes, Playstation controllers, Xbox controllers, Wii Balance Board) – how do we leverage these devices and what creative opportunities are presented in using them as input to drive […]

Audio Visual

Audio Visual Overview What does sound look like? This brief project is an exploration of the visualisation of sound – using sound as data. Whichever sound is used as a basis, the key idea to consider is how sound is represented graphically, over time, and generate a considered creative response. Responses can range from static graphical output (screen... Continue Reading →

Open Project

Open Project Brief The role of this project is to provide me with a period of reflection and development for my studio practice. Workshops will be divided into two strands; seminar and workshop. I am expected to sign up and attend one seminar and a minimum of one workshop. Whilst I am welcome to attend more than the minimum... Continue Reading →

Graphic Narratives

Graphic Narratives Overview Infographics are not new they have been around as far back as the 1920s; London’s Transport Museum is testament to this. Infographics are visual representations of information, data, or knowledge meant to present complex information quickly and clearly and use many different strategies to present information, including graphs, charts, maps, diagrams, and pictures (and […]

Design Domain (Part 1)

Design Domain Part 1 Overview Design Domain is a School of Design in-studio 20-credit course that takes place over two blocks in Semester 1 and Semester 2, thus fostering a depth and intensity of experience. The Design Domain course should be seen as separate to Studio, and it summatively assessed at the end of part 2. The Design Domain remit is... Continue Reading →

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